A H Hierl Associates

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A H Hierl Associates is a software development company specializing in Magic Software Enterprises XPA client server applications. We have over 25 years of experience developing a wide range of business applications.



·      System Design

·      Software coding, testing, implementation

·      Documentation

·      Support and maintenance


·      Magic Software Enterprises XPA rapid application development environment for application software building

·      Microsoft SQL server for backend databases

·      Pervasive/Btrieve transactional databases

·      Windows operating systems from XP through Windows 11


·      Developed customer service system for a metal manufacturer that provides sales quotations, creates and tracks customer orders and integrates to the client’s accounting system.

·      Developed a shop floor scheduling and production control application.

·      Created an application for a large trade organization to send insurance data via EDI to insurance companies.

·      Developed a warehouse order fulfillment application for an automotive transmission company. The application controlled carousel racks for order picking and interfaced with the client’s enterprise resource planning system.

·      The above are a small subset of the diverse applications that we have developed over the last 25 plus years.